Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The best of Beethoven dies a natural death

LG likes listening to Beethoven and Mozart everyday. The homegrown Tansen had probably been hearing too much of the same stuff everyday, so he took it upon himself to give him a break. He pulled the cassette out while it was playing so the strip was dangling out by the time I reached to figure out why music stopped. The damage had been done. The mischievous grin on his face said, "Momma, who listens to cassettes these days. Grow up, get me an iPod or play the damn Bose outside, till them I will live with the CDs here."

The lean mean crawling machine is on a destruction mission and I'm on a damage-control spree. Restricting him only makes him want to do that more and more. So I've let him loose and he happily crawls the spacious house back and forth between the drawing room and the bedroom stopping over briefly at the kitchen to check if the atta bag is still intact, until he gets tired. The floors are generally kept dust-free so I'm not worried letting him do what he wants while I watch from behind what he is up to. Playing peek-a-boo is fun too.