Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Naturally weaned at ten months

The Seniol always reminds me on one thing about LG : "He does everything naturally at the right time. So, don't try hard." Which is true. He took to the bottle without any fuss, had no problems in starting solids at five months, did not form any habits such as expecting to be carried all the time, no sleep issues etc etc. Mom has been warning me of weaning him early so that he doesn't continue to nurse until two years old and form a habit that's later on difficult to break. I wasn't too hassled and I didn't want to wean him forcibly. I wanted him to nurse so long he wished to. As it is, I carried the guilt of not exclusively feeding him until six months; so I wanted to carry on. But, LG had other plans. He started self-weaning on our trip to Amritsar, the nursing patterns started changing because he was excited there with so many people around him. Once, we got back mom-dad were here and during this period he totally forgot about nursing. I tried hard at nights but he neglected the offer. I was disappointed and dismissed it is a temporary phase. Turned out it was forever; he now finds it funny, so I've given up. I find it hard to believe that kids can be demanding to be fed even at 18 months. But, I know it's true; I've seen a few friends do that and are totally frustrated.