Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The day when my kitchen turned into a pool…

….I did not lose my cool. I simply stared at the kitchen floor in disbelief. How could a year old kid, all of 2.5 foot manage to topple the bucket full of water from the raised platform. I had been warned enough times by mom to keep water buckets out of his reach as it’s a kid’s tendency to play with water. So no one was to blame but me for underestimating him. There was no question of cleaning it up in front of him so we just walked away and I tried to put him to sleep. When there is so much water to play with how could he rest. As a result, I changed his dress 3 times before I cleaned up the mess.

When we were planning to have LG, The Seniol used to often tell me that we would have a kid only when he feels I’m mature enough to not blow my top for every silly thing and endure a kid. On an unrelated note, I don’t think any husband thinks their wife is mature! My tempers don’t flare anymore. Sure, there are times when LG doesn’t sleep through the day and I get frustrated. Not because of what he does but because of what I’m not able to do when he is awake. This is just the tip of the iceberg…I’m sure more stories would come here as he starts walking.