Monday, February 25, 2008

I love momma. Yes, my son loves me!

Whose doesn’t, you might ask? My 14 month old son doesn’t talk yet; he barely manages a few words and some others that are incomprehensible. Lil’ General and I took turns to fall yesterday. Late afternoon I was reading a magazine sitting on top of the cot. He held onto me and climbed over as he usually does and then went on a rampage pushing and pulling stuff from the side tables. In this process, a pen fell down on the floor and he went reaching for it. Before I could react he lost his balance and did a somersault with head banging on the floor. The loud sound startled my owners downstairs who came rushing within minutes asking if LG had fallen down. His sunken spot and forehead are still slightly swollen. The ice gel helped a great deal and comforted him.

He slept after this episode and got up all ready for the evening walk. I placed his pram and climbed a few steps to close the door as he watched me. I smiled back at him and missed my step and rolled down landing on my back with bruised elbows and knees. The shock on his face was evident. The cheerful boy went mum for a couple of hours clinging to me the whole time, touching my cheeks hugging me and what not. He got back to his normal self only after seeing The Seniol.

Just as my dad gets worried every time I hurt myself even after all these years, my son reciprocated his affection in ways he can. What more can one ask for – loving parents and affecztionate children. We’ve come a full circle.