Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'd rather crawl than walk

The verdict is out. Lil' General says that he has no intentions of walking anytime soon. When he can reach his destination faster by crawling and more often than not, as fast as us and sometimes ahead of us, what's the need to be on two's. I agree with him. Makes my life easy..I can't imagine keeping pace with him once he starts walking.

On our recent vacation I was bombarded with queries as to why he wasn't walking. As if I knew! To make matters worse we met a lot of baby girls as old as him and some even a few weeks younger to him, on the way. They were running by their first birthday. Comparison comes naturally to us adults. I was even encouraged to encourage him to walk or get a walker that I have strongly resisted. I believe every child is different and go by their own milestones. There is no point in forcing them when they are not naturally driven. I did not teach him how to turn, roll over, sit, crawl or stand. He learnt it all by himself as every other baby does. So, when the time is right and his muscles are developed I'm sure he'll start walking too.