Sunday, February 17, 2008

Home remedy for Running Nose, cough

LG suffers from cold on and off. Since the beginning of December, it's been quite rough. I've never really resorted to home remedy exclusively and it's always been with a combination of allopathic medicines. Sinarest syrup and Mox antibiotic has been his standard prescription. subjecting him to such a dose of cough syrup and antibiotic this early was beginning to bother me and I slowly started cutting down or using it only when it bothered him so much so that he couldn't sleep peacefully in the night.

This time, after getting back from vacation he was again down with a severe bout of cough and cold. Determined not to try any English medicines, I relied totally on Tulsi water and it worked wonders. No ginger, honey etc. Just Tulsi leaves boiled in water with a tinge of sugar and it give him immense relief within a day. I understand sometimes it does take longer and it doesn't hurt to wait for a day before rushing to the Doc and administering antibiotics.