It's not exciting to wake up three times in the middle of the night to change your toddler's shorts. Yes, there are nights when he wets his bed so many times. We, as in myself and The Seniol don't believe in putting on diapers causing him discomfort. Infact, usage of his diapers has come to all all-time low. Even earlier, I used it only on long outings and sometimes for evening walks. I guess he has grown conscious of the fact that he is outside and doesn't wet until we are back home, however long it takes.

Last night was one of those long nights when it was hard to get two hours of continuous sleep as LG was quite restless. then, he finally wakes up at 3 a.m. because of hunger, so I am preparing his formula after changing him and I was surprised on looking back at him. There he was sitting upright, fully awake, dancing wildly in the middle of night with arms up in the air. I was amused and had such a laugh that all the tiredness and frustration of getting up so often just disappeared. He proved yet again that he was just a year old; after all it's only a baby who can dance in the middle of the night and cheer his momma.