Sunday, March 02, 2008

Everyone is a akka!

Mom and I went shopping to a sari shop that sell Kancheevaram silk saris. It is a demanding task to hold a toddler in the crawling stage when all he wants to do every waking minute is to crawl. Add to that a new place with lots of opportunity for destruction and exploration. He wanted to go and play with the lighted lamp, go over to the sari counter, pull the drawer when I finally gave up and told mom I would wait out until she finished. The sales girls gave a big grin to LG and told him to sit tight in my lap sternly just to see if he would oblige. "Akka, akka", he went. And were we surprised? Mom and I thought it was just some random thing he blurted out. But he was unstoppable for the next 5 mins and it was an unmistakable "akka". He only stopped after one of the girls held him on her shoulder and walked out. So I guess that's the first sane word he has said after "bow, bow, bow".

I wonder where he picked up akka because I don't recollect ever using it. Everyone at home is a akka now irrespective of gender, age etc.