For those of us who don't have the resources, energy and enthusiasm to prepare a home-made porridge for our babies, products like Manna come to our rescue. I've been using this porridge ever since Lil' General was 6 months old and I totally vouch for it. It's filling, nutritious and has all the contents that are good for a baby's all-round development. There are a number of off the shelf products available but none that I found in Pune. So I just buy six month's worth stock of Manna on my visits to Trichy.

If you would like to do it yourself, here are the ingredients in Manna - I'm not sure of the quantity of each.

Fried Gram
Green Gram
Soya Bean
Sago (Sabu dana)
Cashew nut
Badam (Almonds)

It tastes yummy and 240 ml of this porridge can easily last for 2 hours. This comes in 2 forms - either you can buy the powdered version or just buy the roasted one and then grind it yourself as and when needed. I prefer the powdered version.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip.. i have seen this product in some shops and was wondering how good it is...:-)

Anonymous said...

My baby is six months oldnow. I startedof with red rice nestum and now giving her some porridge filled with potatoes,spinach, carrot and fish. Would this be nutritious enough ? Im still blur onit ? Ima malaysian...howdo i get the product of manna.

L said...


Sounds like a good diet. Manna I believe is exported to some countries too but I'm not sure if it is available in Malaysia. If you have someone visiting India, you could ask them to get it for you. I am pretty sure Manna itself does not send it by courier/post. Alternately, you can make this porridge with the ingredients I have listed at home itself. Get equal quantities of the ingredients with less of almonds, cardamom - fry it and grind it and store it in air tight container.