After Lil' General crossed the 1 year milestone, his Paediatrician prescribed a multivitamin tonic called "Calron" for 6 months. Dosage is 5 ml every morning until 18 months of age. He was prescribed "Orofer" (Iron drops) early from 6 months until 12 months. I am such a slacker when it comes to giving these vitamin drops - somehow it just doesn't fit into the routine properly and I miss giving it to him. The Paed stressed in my last visit too that it is important to be given; I just have to keep a reminder or alter my schedule a bit so that he doesn't skip out on this. The whole issue is like every child he hates the sight of tablets/tonics etc and if precedes or follows his breakfast within 30 minutes there is a risk of puking. That's no excuse anyway..what's to be done has to be done.

Do you give any vitamin drops for your toddler? Some others I've heard of are Macalvit and Prolong (to improve immunity against cold and such).

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