This past week has been exhausting with the sudden onset of summer. The heat is getting to us and LG has been behaving weird ever since. The number of time he naps during the day has been swinging from 1 to 3. Some days he sleeps 2 times for 2 hours each and some days just for an hour through the day consequently being cranky all day. His appetite has also gone down drastically and he went with little food and milk for 2 days in a row. Usually a active child, we often found him sitting in one place or crawling back to his bed and lying with his pillow - we suspected a lack of energy which was kinda obvious. I finally took him to the Paediatrician to rule out any side effects of his falling off the bed. The Doc reassured it was just the heat and that I should keep him in the company of kids and not force him to eat anything.

I took him to the park this evening; it's hard to believe but that worked wonders. He found many kids his age and was happy to bond with a little older girl. He came back home happy, had his bowl of cereal and went to sleep soon after cheerfully.