What's the one thing that changes for a woman when she gets pregnant? No second guess!
The damn wardrobe and her accessories with the baby's arrival.

My son is almost 15 months old and my wardrobe still comprises of clothes that are either too big for me or ones that require me to stand on my head to fit in with little luck. That's for another post. The thing that bothers me now is the cutesy flowery baby bag that I carry along on all my outings : to the mall, restaurant, friend's place and just about everywhere. I became increasingly conscious of it at a few days back at the airport by the stares I got. For one, Lil' General has grown up from his newborn days and doesn't require me to carry dozens of diapers, tens of bottles and spare dresses. The young man is quite capable of handling himself well for a 3 hour journey. That's when it dawned that the problem lies with me, I did not grow up while he was; I still see him as that newborn who had not bladder control and met Winnie Aunty (potty) ten times a day.

That's not to say I don't need to carry any of his stuff during long travel or short outings: I do. But I can give up on the baby stuff and diaper bags and carry something that's more adult-like, woman-like with the same compartments that can hold a bottle, a diaper or two, one or two food containers, a spare dress, wet wipes for emergency, my purse and a pack of tissues. All I need is a smart diaper bag that doesn't look like one. And guess what I've been hunting for one with no success for the past month or so. Meanwhile, the stares continue! If only the one that Angelina Jolie flaunts were affordable....


Sunita said...

Hi Lakshmi, sorry I took this long. I am so glad to find a mumma blogger in Pune. You can write to me at sunitathomas@gmail.com.