Two little hands to clap clap clap
Two little legs go tap tap tap
One little head goes side to side
Two little eyes that shine so bright
One little mouth to kiss mama good night

So goes the jingle that Lil' General loves to dance and clap to. Today he completes 16 months. Very soon I won't have to say his age in months - he will have graduated to years. Kids this age grow like a weed. Seems like yesterday the same time last year when all he would do was lie on the rug in the drawing room and aimlessly wiggle his feet and hands. That must have been boring to watch everyone around move about while one laid still all the time.

This has been a busy month with his grand parents visiting and he becoming more expressive than ever. Hugs and showering love by sitting on my lap come at the most unexpected times. Lots of them and all the time that I sometimes can barely take it anymore. I am greeted with a grinning Lil' General sitting on my tummy just after I've had food. Sometimes I am afraid I would end up puking - thanks to the number of push-ups he does on my tummy. Finds it more cushioning than The Seniol's so can't blame him for that, can I?

A few other highlights of the month
- gyrates to the tunes of mauja hi mauja from Jab We Met and any song that has some fast beats even if it were from a passing car on the road. At times, we think the boy has no taste when he dances to some real boring numbers from equally boring movies like Apne.

- point happily to his eyes and says the word too when he sings the jingle plays

- tantrums are at a peak and he screams for no good reason. Gets angry in a second. Blaming it on genes?

- vocabulary has increased to accommodate two more words - baby / bhabhi and eyes. Since both sound so similar I can't tell which one it is.