Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sounds of silence

Often I tell everyone how I like it when Lil' General is asleep and hush-hush everyone to keep their voices low, lower the volume on TV and put the ringer on telephone to the lowest tone to the extent I end up missing most phone calls. My parents often get frustrated trying to reach me that I see their calls sometimes a day later. I know it's insane but that's how much I value LG's sleep. He is so fond of telephones and mobile phone that the faintest ring will awaken the demon from his deepest sleep.

Do you recall the scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Frank Jr. thanks Phoebe as she says she will baby sit the kids and he kisses his sleeping triplets on The Central Perk sofa. The kiss almost awakens one child when in panic he puts her to sleep again frightened at the thought of the three musketeers waking up.

Lil' General is no different from any other toddler who is a handful. I can't make him sit at one place, he won't play with his toys, won't see the nursery rhymes - has to be on his toes constantly pulling vessels off the shelf, climbing on the sofa, plucking leaves, scattering toys etc. I don't have a problem with any of these after all that's what kids are supposed to do right? If they were sitting at one place all day, wouldn't they be us and how boring would it get. It's just that I can't match his energy and keep to his pace in keeping this bank to where they belong.

Last week, when he kept falling off and slept longer than usual, the house was silent. It troubled my parents and The Seniol so much so that they kept visiting LG's room every 10 minutes waiting for him to get up. Mom even complained of getting bored and said how she wished to go back every time he slept. But once he woke up, she felt all chirpy. It was funny to see the three of them so restless while I put my feet up and enjoyed my time out. But yes, I have to agree the sounds of silence is more haunting than the barking bow-bow sounds he makes.

For the first time since Lil' General was born, The Seniol and I went on a drive alone. LG stayed home with home with mom. It just didn't feel right; we were missing a significant part of us. We couldn't even remember the last time we went out together - probably a year and half. It felt like two strangers - funny how a kid changes your life, your marriage and every relationship. Reminds me of a quote The Seniol often says - a kid is a like a piece of your heart walking outside your body. We'd left ours back a home that day - no wonder it felt odd.