Monday, April 07, 2008

Recipe : Prasava / delivery legiyam

One of the first things, a new mother is offered is the legiyam. Legiyam - a native medicine is readily available in many shops in Chennai these days but my granny believed in making it herself for me. Legiyam is traditionally prepared every Diwali as it helps in digestion after consuming all those heavy-duty ghee-dripping sweets and snacks. The ingredients of this medicines offered after delivery of a child is slightly different from the deepavali one. This recipe appears frequently in Mangayar Malar.

The one below is from my granny. Most o them are in Tamil and will be available only in native medicine shops.

Manjal - 1 palam
Sukku - 100 gm
Pepper - 1 palam
Chittirathai - 2 palam
Jeeragam - 1 palam
Kandathippili - 2 palam
Arisithippili - 2 palam
Adhimadhram - 1 palam
Siru nagappu - 1 palam
Lavangapattai - 1 palam
Parangipattai - 2 palam
Ela arisi - 1 palam
Cloves - 5 gram
Peru jeeragam - 1 palam
Omam - 100 gram
White pepper - vellai milagu - 20 gram
Jaadikkai - 1
Maasikkai - 1
Kasturi - 3
Corojanai - 1
Vaai vilangam - 1
Khuskhus - 50 g

Once ground and mixed in ghee and honey, store it in a air tight container. Have a small ball of it every morning after your delivery for 6 months. It will help a great deal in your digestion.


Lavs said...

I have recently received a list of legiyam/medicine to eaten by just-delivered women. Its supposed to heal uterus/cervix wounds and strengthen a woman's body after tough labour. Will post it as and when time comes.
PS: Thanks for the above legiyam details.