Friday, April 25, 2008

Should you get your baby a walker?

My son, Lil'General took his first step independently (with no support) when we was two days short of completing 15 months. Worried family advised me repeatedly to get a walker to initiate his walking. Most kids I have come across recently were running around on their first birthday parties. I admit it got me a little worried but every milestone was slightly delayed with LG so I was less hassled and let him do it at his own pace. His crawling came at 6 months before sitting at 7 months. Initially, his Paed attributed it to his body weight.

Anyways, when in doubt I generally check Dr. Spock to clear my apprehensions which had strictly recommended against the use of walker. And the monthly newsletters from Baby Center helped too in saying that it is no point in forcing your baby to walk. It is a natural process and they feel confident about taking that first step only when their muscles arr fully developed and strong enough to hold them. Some do it early, some do it late - eventually they all end up where we are.

If you are in doubt of whether to use a walker or not, go ahead and read this.