Saturday, April 19, 2008

Packaged baby foods in India

The fussy eating phase of a toddler is quite testing on a parent and I've been grappling with these periods too often lately. After the initial experiment with the Heinz baby food brought by dad from Middle East, I started looking out locally for similar packaged baby foods. And, I was glad to have found Gerber. Not easily available everywhere but in a few select upscale supermarkets, I believe toddlers going through the fussy-eating phase are generally advised by Paeds to be put on these packaged foods. With pursed lips and a head always position 180 degree to mine when food was in sight, it was relief when he took kindly to spoonfuls of this baby food.

It comes in different flavors such as Blueberry, Peach, Apple, Mixed Fruit so you have something different to try every time offering your kids a different flavor and texture. I don't have the habit of eating spoonfuls of NaN and Cerelac like The Seniol but since this was new food, I tasted the Mixed Fruit which had a strong Mango flavor to it. Having tried Mango pulp just that morning, I was positive, he wouldn't like it and was instead surprised to finding him gulping the bottle. Priced at Rs.110 a bottle that weighs 180 g, it is expensive for a single feed. I believe it is available in smaller sizes as well and is priced differently in other cities.

If you are in Pune, you can shop for it at Ozone in Aundh. Do let me know if you've found it in other places in Pune.

A good review of Berger here.


Monika said...

Oh, good that your kid liked the packaged food available. Everyone tells me that the best thing to do is just wait for the child to demand food but I know how difficult it is to practice that for us mothers.

L said...

True..sometimes I think that's the hardest part of parenting let your child go to sleep without food for hours..sometimes days.

SCMites said...

Hi...I came across your blog while researching on the Internet. We're planning to travel to India (Pune-Mumbai) in June-July with our 11 month old son. While we're both Indians and have lived there till we got married, it will be our son's first visit to the country and to see his family. I am stumped about what to carry, what to leave behind. All my relatives have no experience in long-distance travel with a baby. Am wondering if you would be able to help me with some tips...? I tried to e-mail you but the link is not working. Thanks in advance.

L said...


Do you have a e-mail id I can write to? Mine is

Thanks for letting me know about the link not working. It's fixed now.