Sunday, May 25, 2008

Custom T-shirts for kids in India

Don't y'all love the Tantra shirts for their slogans? I find some funny, some sarcastic, some in bad taste and certain offensive. But overall, they are pretty good. Though personally I don't wear t-shirts I'm always on the lookout for some good ones for The Seniol and for my brother if he were in India. Now, there's one more gentleman to the elite boys' list - Lil' General.

We went shopping today evening to replenish the monthly quota of Lil' General's t-shirts. He outgrows his dresses faster than I finish my monthly quota of pickles. I found a good one though not very appropriate for a child to be wearing it. It was too small for him and they didn't have a bigger size - it had "Love made me written on it". A few years back The Seniol wore one which read "Life is sexually transmitted". How ironic and true! Now imagine the boys wearing them together :)


Anonymous said...

I guess is also doing such stuff. And not only do they have a larger and better collection of designs, they also allow you to create your own designs.