Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Master of Imitation

I could proudly hand over a Master's in Imitation degree to LG. It all started with answering the phone back in January. At Trichy while drinking milk, the neighbor's phone rang. Yes they have their tone so loud that anyone in the apartment can hear it and sometimes even passers by down on the road. He threw his bottle, jumped up to the phone picked the receiver and duly handed it over to my mom for answering. When she tried to reason that it wasn't ours ringing, it was futile and he calmed down only after she faked talking. This habit of his continues to this day..of course now he pesters me if it's our phone ringing and I ought to answer t come what may even the telemarketing calls I'd love to avoid. After all these months he is still unable to say "hello", he picks up the receiver and says "ou, ou". And he imitates The Seniol by holding the mobile and walking while talking. So now The Seniol and I answer calls with "ou" or "oua". It's fun :)

There are days when I'm really coughing or sneezing. Taking it as a cue to amuse him, he imitates by fake coughing with that mischievous grin to the point that he sometimes starts choking.

Operating the TV remote is something that comes easily. Only that he thinks just pointing the remote in the direction of TV will change channels. How I wish that were possible! As a result of imitating our actions, he has now learnt to switch on the Aqua Guard and the Microwave.

When it's bath time, he rubs his hand over his body to show what I'm going to do next - oil massage that he quite enjoys.

Every day is a new day with him as he surprises me with something he has learnt.