Of all the baby accessories, a nursing pillow is one thing that would have helped me the most. Seriously. I wish I had known something like this existed. I struggled hard every time I fed Lil' General at the hospital trying hard to latch him on right. I just couldn't get it right and it was so tough the first few days that I invariably sent someone to get me the nurse who would help me with the position - she would prop up an ordinary pillow, help me sit right etc and this whole exercise lasted 10 minutes every two hours or so until I got the hang of it after a few times. And, there was so much drama around the whole thing. The doctors at the hospital apparently discouraged the use of pillows so the nurse would close the door and help me with it all the time keeping an eye for an unforeseen visit by the Doc.

This is one useful thing that every MTB should posses to overcome latching problems. It comes in so many shapes so choosing one for your size shouldn't be difficult.

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