Monday, May 19, 2008

When mom turned into a barber

About 3 weeks back, Lil' General was sleeping rather restless. He would sleep for 30 minutes and then wake up cranky from deep sleep for no apparent reason. That's when I found what was bothering him. He would sweat profusely on the head and would soon be found to lie in a pool of water under his head - the sweat irritated him causing him to wake up. No amount of air and cooler gave him any relief. Which is when I took it upon me to cut some thick growth of hair on his sides - he sleeps mostly on his sides. I got a little adventurous and one thing led to another and before I know I had made a mess. Damage control just got worse. Being a Friday, The Seniol had to go into work and didn't have the time to take him to the saloon. A day had to pass this way and I was ashamed to take him to the park that evening. I mustered the courage and eventually did take him only to be reprimanded by his huge fan followers of the neighborhood. My attempts of passing it as a footballer cut didn't work. Anyways, the barber hesitantly cropped it close to make it a bit the growth is back and it's time for another cut. Should I get adventurous or take him to a professional?


Dip said...

my lil one also sweats thru head. is it also something linked to larger head?

L said...

I felt it was more to do with hair growth than the size of the head. But then the other day I saw a lil older kid with 10 times more growth than LG and she was quite comfortable. Sometimes it is also the body type.