Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why it helps to be an involved father?

The involvement of The Seniol in LG's daily activities is worth mentioning and the benefits show up in all spheres. Ever since the day he was born until now, not a day has passed when he hasn't played with him or changed his diapers atleast once a day. They bond so well and I suspect LG is this naughty and active because of The Seniol's enthusiasm which has just rubbed off onto him. It would have been difficult if we had a not so sociable clingy kid who required my presence at all times during the day. That would have just driven me up the wall. As it is with such a easy going kid, I have trouble staying home all day.

But you know what, come to think of it - it's a lot of fun. And their enthusiasm for life has rubbed of on me that we shake a leg now every time "Mauja hi mauja" plays or some crappy song with beats to which LG initiates his moves and we follow soon after. Just when you'd think the chips are down and LG can't stay awake even a minute longer he'll surprise you by doing this favorite pillow thing - putting the pillow on our face and shouting "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" from the other end. Silly games but great stress busters just the kind we need at the end of the day. Because of Lil' Genera; I know a lot of people around the neighborhood now. He waves at every stranger and persuades them to until they give in. The tough nuts who don't give in disappoint him but that doesn't kill his spirit to try again.

I doubt very much if it were not for The Seniol's coming home early every evening and spending adequate time in the mornings and religiously taking him for a morning walk day after day and with just my involvement LG would have been the same. Mothers who complain about clingy and not so sociable kids often have husbands who work late leading to a lesser interaction time for the kids with their fathers. This leads to more stress for the mothers as they don't get a break even when the husband is home as the child is clingy for one and requires to be attended to even if the mother is busy cooking. So all you fathers, if you are reading this maybe it's time to get more involved!

Reference article : The Hidden Benefits of Being an Involved Father


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