Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life comes a full circle

"LG looks very much like The Seniol", people often tell me. Most times I take it in my stride, but there are occasions when I do take offense for there's not a single soul that says he resembles me in any way. Just a teeny wish for atleast one person to tell me how his eyes look like mine or the forehead ..just anything will do. Even my dear mom didn't think he had any similarity to my features.

And, then out of the blue dad sent this picture yesterday. The one on the right is that of me taken about 29 years back and the one on the left is ofcourse LG standing in the same place a few weeks back. I couldn't help notice how alike we look in this picture that I don't care if the world has different opinion...blinded by mother's love? Turns out as a child on seeing dad, I would leave my hands to jump from the top of a flight of steps totally assured that dad would take me in his arms. He captured this on film on one occasion. To recreate the same effect with LG, he tried his best but the always careful LG was all too cautious about the steps down and didn't leave his hands for support from the railing even once.


chaos said...

he has all the naughtiness from you :)

L said...

Aah..I didn't see this inference coming!