Thursday, July 09, 2009

Big Ears Lives in Big House

Big Ears from the Noddy series used to be one of his favorite characters a while ago.

One the third day of his school, this session, he was a bit reluctant to enter. The first two days are generally fun and then reality dawns upon them that fun times will not last forever. Sometimes discipline also features in the daily scheme of things which is not so fun. And then there's the much dreaded rhymes-alphabets-coloring as well.

So we were at the corner of his school lane when LG threw a fit saying he would rather spend time on the road playing in the sand and in his school's adjoining wilderness than go inside. He was particularly drawn toward a big pink house that had numerous mango trees in its front yard, a huge porch, a much bigger veranda with cylindrical pillars on the first floor. Both of them are fond of big houses and stood in the middle of the road admiring the house.

While The Seniol said, "Big House". LG followed it with "Papa, Big Ears. Big House". He meant to say Big Ears lives in the Big House. We had been doing too much of Noddy those days. So came the association. It's fun in many ways to see them make and break associations and learn with them. A whole new perspective, in adult terms.