Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Sons Speaks in Sentences..

"I said no touching tomato", said my two-and-half year old son. After concerns on his language development and comprehension skills, this comes as a big surprise. This is one of his many sentences of late. Yet another significant change is his ability to say the same word in three languages (English, Tamil and Hindi) based on who he is speaking to. But sentence formation is still a milestone we've yet to cross but we'll get there.

"Aby" has given way to "helicopter" as has "buchachy" to "butterfly" and "ou" to "phone" and "hot".

But "bournvita" still remains "motita". The non-stop talker is giving his mama a competition.


Poppins said...

Oh way too cool. It's a wonderful thing to hear your child talk. Some folks say that they want to shut them up soon, but that's never happened with me. Of all the milestones they hit, I've enjoyed the talking one the most.

Lakshmi said...

I bet! It seems like for ages I've been wanting to hear him speak a few words uninterrupted. And now that he has started to, he is giving me competition. There was a day last week when I counted him say "mama" over 500 hundred times.

I very much remember your earlier posts of conversations with Poppins .. in particular this one -

And now, conversations such as these seem all too familiar :) But zero is off his list of numerals.