Sunday, July 26, 2009

Games of the Season

The games we play at home keep changing with time. The current flavor is puzzles, of all kinds. Li'l General has overgrown the alphabet, numeral and body parts that we played about 6 months ago. I had got him this set of three games when he turned two in December.

Now he loves doing animal jigsaw and noddy puzzle. Noddy is all the more fun because he gets to spell out the letters and show off his skills. As if to tease me, he will time and again point to "A" and call it "B" or show "Q" and say "U". Asking him to say it right doesn't help. I just stare, grin and ignore. He gets the point and gets back on track.

The animal puzzle is a collection of 24 self-correcting pairs of mother and baby animals. It's cool because we make quirky sounds like a pig, goat, cow or horse. When it's turn to join the mother frog with the babies, both of us jump around like a frog and do the whole animation routine for a Kangaroo too.

What games do you play with your toddler? I'm looking for ideas.