Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Haseen Lamhon Ko Chura Lo

This song is playing on TV. LG starts jumping "Mama song. Mama song. Mama song." Yes, I was very fond of this song when it first aired and still like it. But my son is more enthusiastic about it because his mama likes it. If I'm busy elsewhere, he makes it a point to tell me my song is on air :) even with his rationalized TV time.

And, when this one plays, it's my turn to jump up and say "LG's song. LG's song" H love "Jai Ho" because it has a scene with his most favorite thing in the world - aeroplane. He gets to such energy levels on seeing this song that it takes a great deal to get him back to normalcy. Truly enjoys it.


Lavs said...

Limca is my fav song too..it is my caller tune on mobile and LB's fav is Kabhi kabhi aditi. Great moms think alike, na?

L said...

Ha :)