Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The dark chamber conquered

The roof above was barely a few inches away. Enclosed on three sides with the opening to his back, this confined space was quite dark to his liking. A little creature, all of 78 cms was slowly crawling underneath confused about this unfamiliar setting and struggling to find the way out. There was light at the end of the tunnel - between the rods. So while letting the world know he was trapped inside with that shrill cry, he was inching towards the rods only to find that he was too big to emerge on the other side in one shape.

The creature, no doubt, is Lil General who had found his way under the cot for the first time. The dark chamber was conquered. His momma responding to his cry rescued him and he found freedom but was shocked on what happened. A sheepish smile followed a few minutes later. Its a different story that it didn't stop him from going in exactly after 10 minutes. And this time I did not rescue him. I merely lifted the bedsheet to meet his eye. He was crying..I wanted him to find his way out just as he found his way in. So I got the camera to take a shot of this moment and send to his grandparents'. Just then he quickly crawled out and didn't lose a minute to change his facial expression from crying to smiling. All the frowning and croc tears was fake as I suspected. Come what may, he knows how to pose for the camera. Nautanki No.1 - the drama queen of the house.

Milestones as these are more memorable and enjoyable for me than the mundane ones of turning, rolling over, crawling etc. Sure they are nice too but these are fun. Falling from the bed, eating one's own potty, creeping under the bed - how boring life would be without having done these :)


Kodi's Mom said...

err. not so sure abt the eating one's...part - agree with the rest :)
and your first para reminded me of something. something. hmm, wonder what it is ;)

L said...

No he doesn't eat his p* everyday if I sounded that casual :). I suspect he might have once when the dysentery episode lasted for a month during teething. Now not too sure if it was teething or the virus that caused it...