Lil General's paediatrician prescribed 10 drops of Orofer to be administered daily in the morning, starting from 6 months to be continued until he is a year old. He is close to 9 months now and I haven't given him any dosage yet. I was reading an article yesterday on how orange juice helps iron absorption in a baby. The reason I refrained from giving him the drops was he was under medication on and off then for fever, cough and cold and I had read that it is necessary only for exclusively breast-fed babies. Since LG has been on a combination diet of mother's milk and formula ever since he was 9 weeks old and later on fortified cereal, I decided against it.
After reading the article yesterday, my doubts resurfaced this morning and I went on to find more information on the same. Apple, tomato are key constituents of LG's diet along with cereals, so I hope I'm good here.