Monday, June 16, 2008

Every evening in the park

If there's one routine that I've not missed this past year, it has to be our evening walk and daily trip to the park. I enjoy my time out in the park as much as Lil' General does. There have been a few exceptions like the days when LG has been unwell or I've been sick. But we've made it on all others - festivals, guests at home, slight drizzle and through all seasons.

That's one thing I totally love about this neighborhood. There's a small temple and children's park for every Km or so fully equipped with slides, swings, see-saws, merry-go-rounds, walking pathways, manicured lawns and a beautiful garden. At this time of the year, the garden looks clean and beautiful. Unlike parks in many cities, these are not littered and cleaned on a daily basis. Neither are they home to anti-social elements. It's the perfect setting for a family to hang out with kids.

With the weather being pleasant during monsoon and autumn, The Seniol took him out every morning. So it was double bonanza for LG. Once at the park, LG enjoys watching kids, throwing stones, eating pebbles and walking around the pathways more than the swings or slides. Kids love the company of other kids. He likes sitting on the ground picking on stones, feeding stones to another friend his age while I have to keep a close watch so that both of them don't put it in their mouth. Before I realize he is off running full steam to the temple - the pandit that he has become. Taking him back to the garden after the visit to the temple is a difficult task for me. He keeps walking back and does everything in such a sequence - praying, ringing bells, pradakshanam, namaskaram - that it sometimes amazes me.