Saturday, June 14, 2008

How long can your toddler stay quiet?

The Seniol and I played a game yesterday to see how long Lil' General can stay quiet in one place. The Seniol said not more than 15 seconds. For once, I didn't beg to differ on this one.

We timed it as LG quite lovingly walked up to me, climbed the sofa and placed himself on my lap touching my face and played nosy-nosy. Fifteen seconds and he was done to attend to the next job which was climbing on the headrest of the sofa to unplug the adapter. Once that was over, he climbed down to reach the TV cabinet - opening and closing the DVD player and soon followed his activities in the kitchen. No wonder the house is so quiet when h sleeps. We at times feel as if the entire house walks when he is awake dashing with him from room to room either fixing things or cleaning his damage.