Monday, June 23, 2008

How to kill the source of a problem

It was vaccination time on Saturday - LG got two shots on his bum and cried just a little. He has taken after me when it comes to injections - doesn't fuss much. But when it comes to having tablets or gulping syrups, he screams so hard the entire town can hear. I resisted giving him the fever medicine until lat Saturday as he wasn't running temperature. When he woke up in the middle of the night because of exhaustion over lack of sleep the whole day, he was running a slight fever. Already in a very cranky mood, we didn't know how to calm him. So we took him for a walk which cheered him up a bit. after forcibly giving a dose of his medicines, he settled down. Three more does followed yesterday. What I wasn't aware I'm told is, he was looking for the bottle the whole day that contained his syrup. After taking the required dose in his dropper, I carelessly kept the bottle on his counter and went to get him. He had been noticing what I was up to the whole time and ran away to The Seniol. Then tried distracting me and played with me a bit before discreetly making his way to the kitchen. I saw him getting the bottle and ran but it was too late. He had this huge grin while he dropped the bottle - now this was one hell of a trick - to kill the problem at its source. Anyways, I had the required dosage to be given so he couldn't escape that one. Just a year and half and gosh! how they think. I don't know what lies ahead ... gets me worried at times.