Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get me the ball!

Lil' General is over a year and half and he had never been to McDonald's. Not that he missed something big in his life. We've been to the place that houses McD's but never went inside. I've never been a big fan of McD's ever except a little bit for the fries maybe (occasionally). Somehow it always occurred they were overdoing it in India and the huge queues at any time of the day was such a turnoff. Anyways, it was Friday evening and the place seemed empty so we thought let's go in. A birthday party was on and Lg was happy to see a lot of kids around. He took a liking to the red balloon but wasn't very appreciative of the cap. He likes ketchup/tomato sauce in any form. It was funny to watch him imitate dipping the fries in ketchup and hogging the lot. We didn't hang around the place and left quickly.

Stopping over at Crossword, I made the mistake of pointing a basket full of smiley balls to LG. Hell broke loose as he wanted to get down and play with the balls. Shrieks soon followed as The Seniol tried to hold him on his shoulder. We marched out sensing his shrieks would disturb the otherwise quiet atmosphere inside the book store and let him walk. After moving on to the far end of the street, LG refused to walk ahead and retraced his way back to Crossword. I was surprised he could identify the shop among others. Tapped on the door and the guard let him in. He ran inside to the basket full of balls while we struggled to keep pace with him. The Seniol finally relented and got him the ball that lasted just two days.

We were there at the same place the next day to run an errand. I didn't imagine he would remember. But the next day despite being in a cranky mood after his vaccination, he got down, ran to the book store and started shouting "". I was impressed with the memory but definitely not his stubbornness and more importantly The Seniol relenting to his demands. The ball being his favorite object always gets his attention at every shop on our daily walking route.