Sunday, June 15, 2008

My son locks me out

It was Wednesday evening last week. With the monsoon setting in, it has disrupted our evening schedule - our walk and park time. Staying indoors is something that both and Lil' General don't really look forward to. So we just make up for it by watching mindlessly the grazing cows, goats, horses and camels (oh yes, every evening these animals pass by) from our balcony. All along singing "Rain rain go away. Come again another day" in the hope the rain gods would listen to us and give us a break.

Lil' General got bored of this and he wanted to play a little game with me. He went in and shut the door to balcony refusing to let me in. I didn't want to press hard and make him further cranky. So I just let him shut and open the door. Before I realized, he locked it from inside. Generally good at latching and opening, something went wrong. He tried hard but couldn't open and I was stranded at the balcony. With the power going off at that very minute, it just took a worse turn. He couldn't see the latch properly and started shrieking. We were fortunate to have our neighbors down at home that evening who are usually out. So I yelled for her from the balcony hoping they would hear me. They did and found their way up. Thank god, the drawing room was open so they could get in easily, comfort LG and let me in.

It was all over in a span of 10 minutes. But it could have taken a worse turn. This taught me a lesson to be more careful with LG which means not even a break for 5 seconds.