Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mama, you're looking good. Why change?

You know what the best thing about parenting is? The carefree moments, the innocence of a child's statements that make you drop everything, take notice and laugh incessantly. They make you forget all your worries and enjoy the moment. Makes you feel privileged for having all the good things in life and for once, you feel you can't ask for more. And such moments come all too often when you toddler starts speaking.

A little while ago, I settled LG into bed and got ready to change in night clothes. It had been a long evening: visit to the doc for my food poisoning, getting back home to get dinner ready for LG, in-laws and myself, feeding LG dinner, changing him into night clothing, having dinner myself, the medicine routine. It's been a sick month with LG and I taking turns to fall sick with cold-cough-fever, stomach upsets - in short, not a month I would like to remember for a long time. And, it's not easy when your partner is away for so long.

Well, so I got ready to change and my son says, "Mama, no. No change." Pointing to the dress in my hand, he says, "Idhu nana illa". (read: this is not nice). He didn't want me out of my jeans/shirt into some drab salwar. I found it so amusing that I laughed uncontrollably. Was this my son who could barely talk a few sensible words until a few months ago and cared little about what his mama dressed like?

I feel so much better now :)