Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mannat - my new friend in Amritsar

Today afternoon Lil General was sitting on the front porch in the lap of his grandpa when a little girl dressed in pink appeared from the opposite bungalow. The little girl in pink, a year older than LG, had long hair neatly ties into two ponytails. She was being held by her nanny and I learned a few minutes later that she was eager to see the new baby in the neighborhood - LG. LG was not his normal self today; the usual stomach bug was bothering him. However, as soon as the cutie in pink approached him, he got all excited and jumped from grandpa's lap to touch her. Mannat, the girl in pink, was too shy to react to the sudden affection showered on her by The Baby - as she preferred to call him. She spent a few silent minutes with the baby munching Lindt milk chocolates before kissing goodbye. With a heavy heart LG saw her off and came in. Mannat is only a few days younger to the kid in one-of-those people category I wrote about. and he met her for the first time today. so his fondness for the child took me by surprise.

Later this evening, actually around LG's bedtime when he was all set to sleep, Mannat came again - this time with her elder sister - Gurseerat. LG had his eyes half closed. Just then he saw Mannat and pulled the covers off him and crawled with such a speed towards Mannat that left all of our jaws dropping in surprise. Before she could reach him and touch his face gently, he was all over her. He pulled her hair band which was in LG's favorite color - Orange. Shocked and confused over how to react, Mannat took a step back. That didn't stop LG. Now he was reaching for Seerat who is quite old - in her teens. They played with him for 15 minutes and it was fun to watch. He now has a new friend in Mannat :)