Monday, October 01, 2007

People may think I'm Ms. Fart

We leave this Thursday on a 10 day vacation to Amritsar. There's something that is troubling me a bit. That people might think on the flight, in the airport and in the train that I'm one big Ms. Fart. Not that I care too much about what people think. It's a different thing to be labeled Ms. Snob, Ms. attitude, Ms. Fat etc and a totally different thing to be laughed at. It can be embarrassing to hear LOUD farting sounds - loud enough of that of a small cracker and loud enough for people within 10 distance to hear clearly. It is too real and convincing to not to be true - like the ones after heavy gassy meal full of stuffed potatoes etc.

By now, you do know who is responsible for this, don;t you? Ofcourse, Lil General. He has learned this quirky thing of placing his mouth on my arms to make fart sounds and revels so much in it. The louder and different it is, the happier he gets. Believe me, if you were not looking attentively you would think it's me for real. The Seniol (LG's cheerleader) has a great time seeing his boy at his best that he sometimes rolls over and laughs not able to control himself after the sounds that come out of me. LG was at it for a good 10 minutes this weekend. Hopefully, I might not have a lot of tales to tell about on my return.


Timepass said...

Have a nice trip..