Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Seniol's obsession with making the bed

The Seniol's obsession took a new dimension today redefining how perfect the bed should be to sleep in. I have written about his compulsion to make the bed perfectly, the sheet exactly laid on top of the rubber sheet matching corner to corner; two pillows side by side; the big pillows on all the four corners; the pillows facing north etc. I could go on and on. He believes in sleeping the perfectly made bed for himself and for LG. Tonight, LG was very tired after the area surveying business, so restless that he kept tossing and turning trying to find that exact position placing his head on top of a big pillow and sometimes his legs propped up on 2 pillows. After enough experimentation he just got tired and slept between the crumpled sheets with no cotton sheet beneath him with his face facing the windows instead of the door as he usually sleeps. Not a big deal for me. I am happy so long as he sleeps and wouldn't want to disturb him for fear of waking up the lion. But The Seniol decides to lift him and go through the ritual of making his bed driving me insane. Some compulsions in life are difficult to be fought :)