Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Separation anxiety gets better

This month did a lot of good to LG's separation anxiety. The beginning of October saw us visiting Delhi and Amritsar for a week which meant a lot of newer faces all through the day. At Amritsar, there was always someone by LG's side round the clock even when he was asleep, a privilege he does not enjoy at Pune. So he slept soundly and did not ever wake up crying in the middle of the night for fear of being left alone. I guess he sensed someone's presence and slept happily through the night. His daytime naps were never less than 2 hours and man, was I surprised to see the boy sleep so peacefully.

The pattern continued on our return as within a day my parents got here. They stayed for a week and again, I believe he sensed there were people around and slept well without waking up. Once my parents left, he has got back to his old habit of screaming through deep sleep for fear of being left alone though it is not as frequent as before.

It makes me sad that we can't have so many people around him all the time as was in Amritsar or when my parents were here. With the nuclear family setup of these days, it has become a rarity for even family getting together often. And this kid enjoys company, newer faces, grandparents to play with, watch what other kids do. The way he sleeps through the night is a good indication of if he is happy ...