Sunday, October 28, 2007

Return of the fussy eater

Pursed lips are an indication that Lil General is not well. But I just refuse to believe that and am quick to label him as a fussy eater when I should actually be thanking my stars and taking pride in he being the most non-fussy kid ever. Really, I mean. He is every sweet that way when he is alright and doesn't trouble me a bit or throw tantrums for eating food.
Naturally, his behavior for the past two weeks drove me up the wall when he would refuse to open his mouth at the sight of his cup. I tried everything I could under the sun - tried varied vegetables and fruits, changed his schedule, changed his cutlery but nothing worked. I was scratching me head all day for those two weeks wondering what to make for the next meal that would make him eat. The insects in our gutter are sure to have put on a few extra pounds with all the vegetables, fruits and cereals that were passed on to the drain at regular intervals. I knew it was not LG but the damn cold that was bothering him. No medication helped. And then I learnt my important lesson - sometimes you have to wait patiently and let what is natural take its course. As a coincidence, The Seniol was going through a fever cold cough phase too. He was at his irritable best - thanks to the discomfort caused by the cold. If an adult cannot tolerate this and doesn't feel like eating, how could I force a 10 month old to eat when maybe he just doesn't feel like eating at all. So I stopped forcing him because it wasn't working well for him nor me and made us both feel more frustrated. It takes ten times more energy in force feeding a baby. I let him come to me when he was hungry and within a few days he was fine and back to his regular appetite.

I just wish someone asked for what specifications mothers wanted in their babies when they are born - shouldn't they be able to talk ? (Yea, I am kinda dumb not to understand him or rather stubborn).