Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blame it on teething

The world knows of only one reason to blame on for everything the baby does - teething. By world, I mean the experienced and the inexperienced that includes mothers, grandmothers, unmarried women, teenage girls who have seen their nephews and nieces grow up and just about anyone who has an opinion on parenting. Wonder what makes the world think that the baby can't get a fever because the weather was cold or that he has a dysentery because of something he ate or some bad food that just didn't go well with him?

Now, Lil General ever since he was two months old had a habit of sucking his thumb which slowly gave way to putting stuff in his mouth when he was five months. The habit just got worse over the months. He bites everything that comes his way - the cot, his potty chair, dining chair, wooden cupboards, utensils, his toys, teether etc etc. I stop him as much as I can and finally, when I am tired I just give up.

People are often quick to comment when they see LG that it must be teething that's bothering him. I just nod and go with the flow enjoying their expert comments. The look on their faces is worth seeing once LG opens his mouth to flash his eight teeth. That's right. All eight of them at ten months. Most people are dumbfounded to see eight teeth at this age (he got his first pair of lower incisors when he was five months old)

The neighbour aunty about whom I have written before blamed it on teething yet again. She sees him every week and knows that LG has teeth, yet cites teething as the reason for everything he does. And I'm still patiently putting up with all that she has to say :)