Monday, October 01, 2007

The Python becomes The Tiger

I understand it's mean on our part to call Lil General a Python but he behaves like one after he has food and has earned the name. After every feed,he stuffs himself with water in his chotu tummy with more than it take that by the time he is done, he can barely move an inch. All the funny faces we make and antics that turn him into a crawling machine at other times are simple met with a grin after food. So, it was indeed surprising to see the Python transform into a tiger today after his heavy dinner. He perhaps realized that a lot of time was being wasted that could be meaningfully spent practicing how to stand and tripping folded clothes off the bed.

Tonight, after dinner he charged on us like a bull pulling my hair apart climbing over me and then reaching for the toys kept on top of the bed. It sure makes him a look a loser to not spend every waking minute perfecting the art of standing. It does matter a lot if you look at it from his viewpoint. From being horizontal the whole day, he now has a vertical view and the world just got better with so many new things to explore as that corner behind the sofa or the top shelf of his medicine cabinet (in Baby Center's words). There is no stopping this tiger now, he is on a destruction mode and I better gear up to match his energy.