Thursday, July 10, 2008's not a slang for 'computer'. Remember the smallest Dinosaur from the "Jurassic Park" series. From the Dinosaur family called "Compsognathus", it was referred to as Compy in the movie. If you've seen the series even once, it's tough to miss those small dinosaurs which make a weird squeaky sound that wants one to bury their ears deep in sand. In the second part, there is a scene when dozens of them emerge out of nowhere and hunt a man down, who lost his way while finding a place in the bushes to relieve himself, turning the river red with his blood.

Now imagine hearing that irritating noise all through the day from the live entertainment channel at home, free of cost. Can't even say, "No, thank you!". Neither can I run out of the house and shut the noise out of my head. This is yet another phase of LG's where he makes this irritating shrill pitched sound the whole day for no good reason - the fancy name is "Toddler Tantrums".