Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Original Piece

Shahid Kapur in a scene in Jab We Met tells Kareena Kappor, "Tumhe patha hai tum original piece ho. Aisa doosra piece nahi hain." On many levels, I can relate that "original piece" reference to LG.
This is what happens when you see a movie too many times.

That aside, some of my reasons for calling him one -

---- last evening, we were at the park. LG got off the swing when his fondness of others' shoes got the better off him. He marched swiftly to a girl's pink shoes, took hands full of sand and stones in both hands and filled the shoes. There was no point in me trying to empty them as I couldn't keep pace with him. Finally, he was transported to a different section of the park - towards the temple.

--- Outside the temple, he find a old uncle's chappals and hid threw them under the tree. I had to run to get them in time for the departing uncle.

--- We made a brief stop at Coffee Day to drink coffee of course. But LG decided he had better things to do there than wait for coffee. The pest control light that attracts flies was far more attractive and he contributed his bit by switching it off and on. Very soon, many places in this neighbourhood will be off limits for us.