We'll be moving cities in the first week of August. It shall be a good 4-5 days from the time all our stuff gets packed/loaded to when it gets unloaded/unpacked. This period we'd have to manage without essentials such as a stove/cylinder and other utensils for cooking, sleeping on the floor etc.
I'll keep it brief and just say staying over at someone's place is not feasible this time around so I've been planning to get used to that period.

The protective parent that I'm (I regret a lot now), I've exposed LG very minimally to outside food - just rotis and soups at restaurants. This was my main concern as to how I would manage for 2/3 days with no gas connection or utensils. I spoke to a friend at the evening park who has two daughters - one 4 years old and another a month younger than LG. It was reassuring to know that she faced the same issues with her elder daughter. With time, she has learned the tricks and threw caution to the wind and has become a practical mother. In her words, "I scolded and ran everything that anyone had to offer my elder daughter with a microscope even if it were my mother-in-law. I always had the excuse she would fall sick. This was when she was 18 months old - old enough to be exposed to outside food. It all changed with my younger one. I started exposing her to food from restaurants and other munchies early. Now she is a non-fussy kid and I don't think twice before packing my bags for an outing over the weekend. With the elder one, we pretty much stayed home because I was always worried what to take for her." That pretty much sums my situation. She offered me some advice on how I can get LG used to other food over the next month gradually so that he is not overwhelmed while keeping a balanced nutritious diet.

Here are a few things that I've been trying for the past few weeks and it's worked well. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. I'd very much appreciate it. The criteria I was looking is that would require minimal usage of gas and foods that are ready to eat or which can be powdered ahead of time and stored for a few days without getting spoilt.


Milk (Amul Calci) - doesn't require boiling. Is readily consumable.
Kellogg's Cornflakes in milk
Roasted Semia that's readily available mixed with hot water and milk. (Assuming it shouldn't be difficult to get hot water anywhere)
Fried Rawa with hot water -( little tough on the digestive system)


Khichdi - rice and dal fried and powdered - to be mixed in hot water later. (haven't tried this one)
Raw vegetables - tomato, carrot - (LG is used to having boiled tomatoes and is finding the transition to raw tomatoes tough.)
Roti/soup from outside

Evening Snack:
Seasonal Fruit - Mango, Cheeku, Banana

Khakra with butter
Idli available at any restaurant.