Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jab We Met : Kids love repetitions

"Hamara main kaam tho fertilizer ka hai, par ham pesticide mein bhi enter hone wale hai" goes the dialogue of a character called Manjeet in the film "Jab We Met". This scene is immediately after the hit song "Nagada, Nagada" where Geet (played by Kareena Kapoor) and Manjeet are walking towards the open fields. Wondering in what context am I quoting this? I would have heard this dialogue a zillion times in the past month or so that I know every dialogue, every wink of a character's eye, every head movement of every extra in the movie that if Imtiaz Ali, the movie's director has any queries, I am qualified to clarify. Even If I go wrong, I can certainly vouch for the accuracy in LG's version.

I was a strong opponent of feeding kids in front of TV. One fussy episode during late March was the beginning of this habit. After days of not eating, we finally worked out the nursery formula. He got distracted with the nursery rhymes and started eating properly. Before we knew which was a good two months he grew tired of it. Oh yes, we are experts on the nursery rhyme front too. Then, by accident I had the TV on one day and was playing the "Jab We Met" VCD I purchased at More recently. I liked the movie when I first saw in January and wanted it for my personal collection. I was just playing to ensure that it worked. Soon, I saw LG gyrating to "Mauja hi Mauja". From no TV viewing it has now gone to no-food without TV. That's about the only time he sees TV but I'm not happy with this habit. I don't know what transpired in between ..we are now faced with a situation where when he absolutely refuses to eat anything, the mouth involuntarily opens when The Seniol moves towards the DVD player - let alone playing the movie. The parts of the movie we have seen many times are "Nagada, Nagada" and the scene after that - the duration it takes for LG to finish his bowl of food, and the song "Mauja hi Mauja".

When I wondered if he wasn't tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, I read somewhere that kids love repetitions. It's time I use this characteristic to some good use and get him over stuff that doesn't stimulate. Once in a while is fine but ten times everyday for weeks on end doesn't sound good.


Anonymous said...

going thru the way LG is distracting himself... just play only JWM (or specific song) everytime you need... i have a feeling he might give TV too in few days after getting bored ... it is different things that keep one attached to it... ! - Abhishek