We were taking a different route back home from our morning walk to avoid the park. It was late 8:00 a.m. and already sunny. Taking the regular route would mean LG getting all excited, frantically pointing in the direction of the park, standing on his pram and fussing about playing there. We were about 100 feet from a different approach road to the park and for some reason I felt he would figure it out. He quickly examined the surroundings, turned his head two times either sides and started pointing his finger with his trademark compy-signal. I was impressed at his sense of direction. Not wanting to disappoint him, we did go to the park and play a while before returning home for breakfast.

In yet another incident last afternoon, I was truly surprised at his memory. I have no idea how good or bad their short-term memory is but from what I saw yesterday, I assume it is pretty good. About a month back, I had written about how he kept going to Crossword to get the ball. We've not been there again ever since until last afternoon. I didn't name him the place; casually, I put him down from my shoulder and let him walk on the pathway with McD and Crossword on one side. He was on the farther side looking away from these places at the colorful sale hoardings of Levi's. Then in a quick action, he turned around looking at each one of them. No sooner did he spot McD, he walked upto Crossword saying "Ba..ba" and led me inside the store. I was still recovering from what I saw...once inside he examined every lane and the look of happiness on his face when he found the box of smileys was worth seeing. Before the damage mission started, we marched out.