I did a post a while back on home remedies for cold and cough for a baby. The same works for a toddler. In addition, here a list of things that works for my son:

  1. Boil a few leaves of Tulsi in water . Filter the water and give the same two times a day.
  2. Hot milk with a pinch of turmeric and sugar.
  3. To get the phlegm out of the system, a tinge of Thalasadi churnam (available in any ayurvedic shop) with honey.
  4. Rub Vicks on the back and onthe chest.
  5. Make the kid sleep on a raised pillow which will ease breathing.
  6. If you start on a antibiotic like Mox, finish the course even if there is no fever.
  7. Have a decongestant nasal drops handy. Difficulty in breathing usually occurs in the night.


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure 'Vicks' is the best option.