Monday, July 07, 2008

Lil' General's independent ways...

The way LG is asserting his independence, I'm afraid in a few days he will no longer need his parents - myself and The Seniol. Some observations to prove my point -

  1. When he is feeling sleepy, he waves goodbye to us, walks himself up to his bed; checks the temperature inside the room and if he feels hot, switches on the fan and lies down. If the fan is already on and he is cold, he switches it off. Of course, he can't stay in for more than 5 minutes and walks back to us. I can't remember one occasion when he slept by himself. This is not all - when we are at someone's place and if it's hot he looks for switch board to switch on the fan - sometimes it is embarrassing.
  2. He woke up in the middle of the night - hungry. I've still not gotten over the habit of keeping two sterilized bottles, a thermos with hot water and his formula by my bedside. When he was barely a few months old, I started this practice to give him formula early morning. I've not had the chance to use one in the middle of the night over the past few months. He goes to bed after a fulfilling dinner and wakes up for milk only early morning. Last night, I guess he was hungry and he woke up. Generally, he goes back to sleep immediately if I pat him. But what he did took me by surprise - he pointed towards the bottle, handed me the flask in one hand and the formula in another waiting for me to mix the formula. Once he finished his bottle, he went back to sleeping like a baby. This is the first time he has expressed so clearly that he is hungry.