As LG is close to completing 5 months this Friday, he has developed a need for The Seniol and me to be around him all the time he is awake. His acknowledgment of us is the greatest joy we've got. The way he greets us is distinctive - me with a cheerful and loving smile that says "I love you momma" and his dad all enthusiastically by beating his legs and hands up in the air that says, "I'm ready ,buddy. Lets rock". The boys start their morning by listening to blues specifically James Brown,B.B. King and such. When the boy gets tired, we put on devotional music such as Vishnu Sahasranamam, Lalitha Sahasranamam and such. He gets quiet and dozes off soon after. Experimenting with music is fun and interesting. The responses are encouraging as he shouts and smiles and rolls over and it is a daily activity that we wouldn't want to miss for the world and an opportunity to play all those CDs collected over the years but never listened to much. To our amazement, there were some that were not opened and listened to even once.

There is one thing that is beyond my comprehension. Every time he sees his dad, he looks at him with so much awe without blinking an eye scanning him from top to bottom as though The Seniol were the eighth wonder of the world. And he does this everyday, every time.